Meet the Quality & Expertise

Full Bright Construction, LLC is a full-service construction management & general contractor firm that operates mainly in Metropolitan areas (DC, VA & MD). Our core values of Integrity, Reliability and Innovation is integral to delivering a superior customer experience.

Full Bright Construction operates on the team concept and our many skilled and experienced staff and field team members have established a standard of excellence that is well recognized in the construction industry. We perform commercial, residential, industrial and institutional projects involving new buildings, addition and renovations.

Full Bright quickly built a reputation for integrity, teamwork and commitment & provides the experience to meet the challenge of everyone’s construction concerns: cost, quality, time and aesthetic values. Our marketing and development support will inspire your inner confidence and make you feel better like you never did before.

We strive to develop sense of cooperation between client and our team, offering a balance of leadership and responsiveness to bring our project to fruition.

Our primary objective is to insure that our clients’ projects are completed successfully, profitably, and at a minimum risk through the control of time, cost, and quality.

Diversification on project, honesty and hard work, maintain quality/service that built our reputation.  Flexibility and creative atmosphere for innovative project implementation.  Quality construction at the most economical cost within the Client’s time frame. Problem anticipation to avoid costly solutions. Safety sensitive to ensure that all job conditions adhere to the Deerfield.

The mission of Full Bright Construction is to provide innovative, reliable, and high quality services to our clients in Metropolitan Areas. We fulfill our mission by developing highly trained loyal employees who works as a team to anticipate, identify, and respond to the client’s needs.